Monuments Monuments Pyramid of Kukulkan Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza, Mexico 164825269 Sphinx and Great Pyramid Giza Plateau, Egypt 164825270 Georgia Guidestones Georgia Guidestones outside Atlanta 164825271 Dome of the Rock Mosque Jerusalem, Israel: Dome of the Rock Mosque above the Wailing Wall 164825272 El Caracol Mayan Astronomical Observatory, El Caracol 164825273 Snakeheads at Pyramid Base Chichen Itza's Pyramid of Kukulkan emphasizes that snake heads are at the bottom and their rattle is at the top 164825274 Nostradamus' Tomb Nostradamus' Tomb, Salon-de-Provence, France 165303721 Camels at Pyramids When sitting on a camel, it would have been good to know they get up back side first! 165311977 Author in Jerusalem 1991 My first trip to Jerusalem in 1991, unfortunately alone asking a stranger to take my picture while my valuables were in a neck pouch under my shirt looking like an alien about to break through 165312919